My job is simple – to put myself at my client’s disposal to enable the change they want to see.

I bring a combination of experience, capability and creativity that helps them to address complex, and increasingly chaotic change in a way that enables them to reframe their understanding of it, identify and test ways of moving forward.

I coach clients within a framework of “agile design” – a combination of the agile methodology used by organisations in fast moving environments (e.g. software) and the “human centred” design thinking that puts a deep understanding of consumers or clients at the heart of a structured design approach. The end result is an ability to start, rather than wait for a detailed plan which ad today’s rate of change is likely to be out of date by the time it is written.

I specialise in working with those who treat what they do as a vocation, where their work is driven by a vision, and sense of creating something larger than themselves, and which makes a contribution of more than money.

I believe that we are in the midst of enormous change that will alter the relationships we have with organisations, concepts of jobs and careers, and have the opportunity to shape the lives we want as never before – if we are prepared to embrace the change head on.

I am an avid student and researcher, having taken post graduate study in coaching, and leadership neuroscience, as well as the study of design thinking, gamification, and agile approaches to strategy. I maintain a discipline of extensive personal as well as professional development through a combination of diverse professional networks and reading. I think is a wonderful resource!

A copy of my more formal resume can be found by clicking here